Membership & Benefits

On behalf of the board of directors of the Ohio Auctioneers Association, we invite you to become a member! Membership in the OAA provides auctioneers with the opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally. OAA auctioneers are committed to promoting and preserving the auction method of marketing real and personal property. Auctioneers owe it to themselves to support the profession that gives them the opportunity to earn a livelihood.

Membership in the OAA links you to more than 500 other member auctioneers. This network provides a support system to strengthen your own auction business. Our state office, managed by a full-time staff, is centrally located in Columbus, Ohio and is there to serve you.

OAA strives to provide a variety of services to those participating in the auction industry. As a service association, we believe that with the proper resources, our members will strengthen the auction method of marketing. Read the OAA’s code of ethics here.

The annual cost is small compared to the tremendous benefits received. Fill out the Membership Application today and become a member of a progressive organization that supports and represents you, now and in the future! When you weigh the fee against the opportunities offered through the OAA, membership doesn’t cost – it pays!

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