Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Ohio Auctioneers’ Association, realizing our profession is both competitive and cooperative and that we share with each other a common responsibility to encourage, create and maintain a high standard of professional ethics and honorable relations with each other and the public, hereby pledge ourselves to the observance of the following code of ethics.

  1. In the best interests of the public and his own profession, an auctioneer should be a loyal member and active worker for the betterment of the Ohio Auctioneers’ Association.  He should willingly share with fellow auctioneers the lessons of his experience.
  2.  An auctioneer should never publicly criticize a competitor; nor express an opinion of a competitor’s transaction.
  3. An auctioneer should charge for his services only such fees as are fair and reasonable.
  4. An auctioneer should never resort to “high pressure” tactics nor promises he does not intend to fulfill in an effort to promote or solicit an auction sale.
  5. In justice to the public he serves, an auctioneer should endeavor to be informed regarding the law, proposed legislation and other essential facts or public policies affecting the auction profession.
  6. An auctioneer should never knowingly solicit an auction which had previously been granted to a competitor either by written or oral agreement.
  7.  It is the duty of every auctioneer to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, unethical practices or questionable promotional schemes in connection with the auction profession.
  8. No instructions, inducements or remuneration from any client or customer relieves the auctioneer from his responsibility to strictly observe this code of ethics.