Auctioneer Champions

Senior Division

1995Brad Hess
1996John Muncy
1998Ben Higgins
1999Anthony Bayman
2000Phil Cole
2001Keith Baldwin
2002Greg Whitaker
2004Dave Lunsford
2005Joseph Mast
2006Kevin Wendt
2007Andy White
2008Jason Miller
2009Curt Yoder
2010Scott Mihalic
2011Darren Bok
2012Seth Andrews
2013Jerry Hall
2014James Mast
2015Peter Gehres
2016Andrew Yoder, Jr.
2017Wade Baer
2018Eli Troyer
2019Wayne Yoder
2020Billy Peyton
2021Drew Turner
2022Jerick Miller
2023Austin Miller

Junior Division

1997Tim Lile
1998Dan Limber
1999Jason Miller
2000Keith Baldwin
2003Ron Kreis
2004Mike Dare
2005Kenneth Turchik
2006Peter Gehres
2007Susan Johnson
2008Susan Johnson
2009Seth Andrews
2010Andy Korb
2011Ryan Yoder
2012James Mast
2013Max Webster
2014Clayton Neal
2015Wayne Yoder
2016Eli Troyer
2017Billy Peyton
2018Grant Nicodemus
2019Landyn Butler
2020Brad McGovern
2021James Yoder
2022Grant Phipps
2023Orrin Bussey

International Auctioneer Champions (IAC) from Ohio –

1996Greg Rice
1997Lori Kiko
1998Pam Rose
2011Joseph Mast
2013Andy White
2014Jason Miller
2015Peter Gehres
2016Beth Rose
2017Sara Rose Bytnar
2021Laura Mantle- Grunden
2022Jerick Miller

World Livestock Auctioneer Champions from Ohio –

2005Ron Kreis
2016Andy White

World Automobile Auctioneer Champions from Ohio –

1996Team Champion - Greg Rice (with T.E. Mayo)
2017Auctioneer Champion - Andy White

*The OAA would like to honor all Ohio Past Champions.  If you have information on previous champions not listed, please contact the OAA office.